About me & my Approach


The Short Story

Sarah Moon, Squarespace Specialist in Portland Oregon

I'm a digital communications professional specializing in working with creative individuals and businesses on establishing and improving their online presence and digital marketing strategies. I also write about technology, digital media and creative business and lead classes and workshops on ecommerce, digital and social media, blogging and website design. I'm an official Squarespace Specialist, a directory of highly-skilled experts (predating their larger all-comers Circle program) maintained by Squarespace, a Squarespace Authorized Trainer and I develop online stores using Shopify and hybrid solutions.

In 2014, I expanded my business from a solo endeavor to include a team of professionals I collaborate with to provide complete digital creative services to my clients. From infographics to website design, logos to copyediting, keyword research to specialized technical services, we've got you covered. 

I'm a proud graduate of American University in Washington, DC and University College Dublin in Ireland. As a dual U.S. and E.U. (Luxembourg) citizen, and someone who's lived on both sides of the Atlantic, I welcome clients from around the globe. 


the long(ish) story

My passion is storytelling, first and foremost—whether that’s through written copy, social media, communications strategy or website design. I feel like the term "storytelling" is increasingly overused, but in terms of my point-of-view and work, it's an apt term. Good communications tells a good story--full stop. 

I’ve sat on both sides of the media aisle, first serving as a public information officer and now specializing in digital media creation (though I love traditional media too--and have been published in good old fashioned magazines). Along the way, I learned HTML and CSS, became passionate about the efficiency of content management systems for the web (previously using Wordpress and now Squarespace and Shopify) and discovered the power of directly telling folks a story through interactive and social media.

Because I’ve dipped my toes into such diverse waters of the communications world, my approach is uniquely holistic regardless of the project. From full-blown ecommerce roll-out to a simple landing page, my clients know that everything I do for them is with their big-picture business goals in mind. 

In 2009, I began teaching digital communication classes through the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s excellent Continuing Education program. Working with students—particularly adult students seeking to improve their skills or enrich their lives—has been the most rewarding work of my career. I have since expanded my teaching to other organizations, including hosting my own classes and continue to love working with a variety of learners looking to expand their online communications skills. As a result, all of my consulting and web work includes a teaching and training component, as I believe it's critical to empower clients to take control of their marketing and communications efforts. 

I’m also dog wrangler to a neurotic rescue Australian Shepherd, an avid reader and book bloggerpodcaster, DIY fiend, sports nut (I was lucky enough to be at Felix Hernandez' perfect game in Seattle), enthusiastic though unskilled ukulele player, amateur winemaker, cowboy boot aficionado and superfan of the greatest television show ever, Friday Night Lights


Team + Collaborators

While I'm the primary point of contact for all projects, the following are the folks available to help on your project. I think they're pretty great.


Joshua Moon, E-Commerce/Project Management

Josh is a partner in the business and lends a hand with our e-commerce projects, assists with education/training programs and helps with big-picture project management. He's also a pro at much-needed coffee runs. 


Laura Walker, Copywriter

One of my first clients, Laura is a piano technician by trade--I talked her into helping with my clients' projects when she provided killer copy for her own website. Laura "gets" copy from the perspective of a business owner--a rare quality indeed.


Rudy, Office Pupper

An approximately six year old Australian Shepherd rescue dog, Rudy provides us with lots of snuggles and forces us to take breaks to toss the ball.

Rudy is a good boy.

Ashli Hughes, Graphic Design & Social Media

Ashli Hughes, owner of Cascade Creative PDX, is our go-to for cool infrographics, social media assets and management, and savvy graphics for small businesses of all sorts.


Kath O'Malley, SEO, Copyediting & Production

Kath is the ultimate web designer partner, an SEO-savvy editor, copy pruner and researcher with loads of website production experience. Kath helps out with quality control and more. 

Kseniya Andreeva, Programming & More

We collaborate with Kseniya's company, The Muse Agency, to enhance our capacity as needed. Kseniya's awesome team also designed my new logo!

How I Work

When we work together, it's my aspiration that approach your project as collaborators. 

What does that mean? That means that I'll do my best to give you good advice, make recommendations that will help ensure your project meets your business goals--even if it's not what you want to hear. If I see a problem, I'll let you know. If I have an idea, I'll share it with you. It also means that when we work together, you'll communicate your aspirations, needs and concerns along the way.

When we work together this manner, we're all happy with our collaboration. 


My Clients

Each day, I work with clients small & large from a vast spectrum of industries, with a wide array of needs--it's pretty cool. The following is a selected list of recent clients. To view samples of my work, visit my portfolio page. 


Andante Piano Works*
Anne Loucks Gallery*
Annie Omens Photography*
B. Clark Interior Design
The Bhaktishop
B.Clark Interior Design
Basic Mommy*
Beauty Archaeology*
Blue Gaucho*
Bolt Fabric Boutique*
Bread Butter Whiskey
Caliber Homes Portland*
Cal Fore*
Charlotte Template Photography
The Chill Foundation*
Central Park Laser*
Claudia Hollister Fine Art*
ColorMoxie NW
Crash America*
Danette O'Neill Designs
Deny Ehrlich Branding
Douglas Winter Numismatics*
Duet Plastic Surgery*
Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon*
FlowState Films*
Follow Me Tours & Adventures

Friends of Multnomah County Library*
Garrin Evan Studios
GreenSavers USA*
Grumble.com LLC*
Hothouse Media*
Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center* 
Human at the Helm*
Illustris Lighting
In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art
Inhabit Portland Real Estate
Jennifer Ballard Interior Design
Jensen Strategies
Jerry Hardin, Bone Sculpture*
Jill Flynn Photography
Jo Ann Woodsum Leasing Law
JoyLux Inc.
Kacey Hart, Producer
Kamilah Tibbitts
Katz Kirkpatrick Properties*
Kwan Um School of Zen
Kyle Deleu Photography
Linda Woody, Composer
Mike King/Made by Mike King*
Michelle Maloney Photography
Michelle Nijhuis*
Mindi Scott, YA Author*
National Lutheran Choir*
Oh Fransson*
Ovenbird Bindery*
Pacterra Athletics

Palmarin Merges, Artist*
Pamela Viola Art for Design*
PAW Team*
The Pie Spot*
The Pinkfire
Pamela Viola Fine Art*
Portland Cardio Vet
Ripple Studio
Rodolfo Tortima, Composer
Ross Law PDX*
Roxanne Colyer Clingman Fine Art
SDM Learning*
SPKK Foundation*
Sue Schaefer, Artist & Author*
The Sugarista
Transatlantic Travel*
TreeTop Commons*
Urban Lens Planning
Valori Wells Design*
Vet Lectures
Villa Marco Polo Inn
Wander Nature*
Weppy Davis/Significant Love*
Widman Immigration Law Firm*
Wilderness Fusion*
Wine et Beauté*

*Squarespace Website Design Client