Consulting, Training & advanced web help


Need some good advice?

I offered a variety of digital communications consulting services to my clients. The best way to get started is by sending me an inquiry and telling me a bit about you and your business. Then we'll schedule a quick chat to get an idea of the best plan of attack for your specific situation and business goals, as well as to make sure that we're a good fit for each other's working styles and personalities. While I am available for technical assistance, the best fit is typically folks who are looking for a long-term relationship with a consultant for their technical issues. If you have one-off needs, I'm happy to make recommendations to some trusted folks that you'll love working with!

Keep in mind that my approach to consulting is infused with a teaching ethos, so even when I implement a strategy on your behalf, I am committed to engaging my clients so they become empowered to take their communications efforts into their own hands, if they choose. 


One thing I've learned over the course of my career is the value of good advice! That's why I love consulting and training work so much--we can put our heads together and work through solutions that make sense for you!


Website Assistance

  • Third-party tool integrations
  • Adding PayPal buttons to Squarespace sites
  • SEO work and keyword research
  • Selecting a website platform
  • Coaching (ongoing)
  • Website review/audit
  • Advanced Squarespace customization
  • Creative direction
  • Staff training (in-person or virtual)
  • Website clean-up/fine-tuning

Online Marketing Assistance

  • Email Newsletters
  • Social media setup and strategy
  • Blogging: strategy, organization and more
  • Developing your voice
  • Online advertising (social ads)
  • Connecting your digital marketing with your in-person/in-store interactions
  • Online class launches

And more! Just ask--my team and I are happy to help!


Consulting Clients

B. Clark Interior Design
The Bhaktishop
Basic Mommy
Beauty Archaeology
Benching Workstations
Bolt Fabric Boutique
Caliber Homes Portland
Cal Fore
Charlotte Template Photography
ColorMoxie NW
Danette O'Neill Designs
Deny Ehrlich Branding
Duet Plastic Surgery
Garrin Evan Studios

GreenSavers USA LLC
Illustris Lighting
In Bocca al Lupo Fine Art
Inhabit Portland Real Estate
Jennifer Ballard Interior Design
Jensen Strategies
Jill Flynn Photography
JoyLux Inc.
Kyle Deleu Photography
Linda Woody, Composer
Michelle Maloney Photography
Pacterra Athletics
Palmarin Merges, Artist
PAW Team

The Pie Spot
Portland Cardio Vet
Ripple Studio
Rodolfo Tortima, Composer
Roxanne Colyer Clingman Fine Art
SDM Learning
SPKK Foundation
The Sugarista
TreeTop Commons
Urban Lens Planning
Vet Lectures
Villa Marco Polo Inn
Wander Nature
Weppy Davis/Significant Love

The first person I contacted to build my blog used Squarespace. I was not familiar with it and I now realize she probably was not either. Having a blog that was neither attractive or user friendly was stressing me. I found Sarah... and I made contact because she taught classes on Squarespace. For me, if she could get students to understand it, then I figured she could help me. I am not an early adapter to technology and I do not mind asking questions—the same questions—until I get it. This is why I love Sarah, her patience and ability to explain.

It was great to work with a techie who did not mind explaining things. You share the secrets that other professionals guard. To me you get it, you want your clients to get it and the questions don’t bother you. This is you Sarah, you are not a poser.

Since you are at ease with your knowledge and unique skills, my anxiety diminished and we could get the job done.

Also, I like that you gave me tips on how to navigate my site once your revamp was complete. Your custom videos were a real plus, I watched them so many times. I do not know what I would have done without them. Another reason I am always happy to tell people about you is because it seemed that it was important to you for me to be happy with my site. It did not matter if I wanted to make a change or adjustment. After working with people who acted as though a change would require developing a new language, I really appreciated your flexibility.
— Weppy Davis, Blogger, Significant Love