Squarespace Design-in-a-Day


Too busy to build your own Squarespace site? Not ready for a full design process? 
We get it. We really do. 

I can’t wait to promote my website and finally share my work in a way that screams “she IS legit”. Thank you for helping this starting small business woman feel she’s off to a good start.
— Charlotte Cox, Charlotte & Daughters | Design in a Day Client

Enter Design-in-a-Day, my collaboration with Squarespace trainer, web design partner and copy wiz, Kath O'Malley. With designer oversight (that's me), we'll snap together a polished website (that's Kath) based on a Squarespace template of either your choosing or recommended by your design team. This is a quick and efficient process to get you online in time for that critical client presentation, that tradeshow you're attending, or unexpected opportunity that demands a solid online presence. Design-in-a-Day isn't a custom website design process, it's an alternative for folks who don't have time to figure it out themselves and know that the time may come where you'll want to grow into a more robust design. 


Is Design-in-a-day right for you?


  • A solo or very small service-based business—most of our DIAD clients' businesses are 0-2 years old

  • Committed to supplying all of your content prior to your Design Day

  • Clear on what you want your style is and have spotted a few templates from Squarespace that appeal to you

  • Excited about speed being your number one priority and are eager to learn how to maintain your site


  • An established company that needs a site larger than five pages

  • In need of the special design details such as custom coding, handcrafted icons or interactive elements (if you need icons, we can provide those as an add-on option)

  • Wanting to go through a design discovery and revision process—a custom design process would be a better fit

  • Uncertain or unprepared with regard to your content


Your Design Day: How it Works


1. Get Started

Schedule your day (including a 50% deposit--the balance is due on your Design Day) & fill out a clear, concise questionnaire so we can get to know you, your business and style. We'll coordinate with you and ask any questions prior to your Design Day.

2. Get Ready

Prepare and organize your text and imagery. You'll upload all of this to a shared Google Drive account. We'll take a look at these items & make sure your desired template will suit your content or recommend the best one for your needs.

3. Get Launched

In just one day, we'll snap together your new Squarespace website and train you on how to maintain it. We'll also complete basic SEO and light proofreading to make sure you're ready to go. Celebrate!

What Design-in-a-Day Includes

  • A Google Drive workbook and email check-ins to help you get your copy and images organized prior to your dedicated Design Day

  • Five Squarespace page layouts (or a single long-scroll site with five sections) based on the template you choose (or we recommend) + blog set up

  • Customizing your fonts and color palette so your site is special and stylish

  • Light proofreading and fixes on design day

  • If we set up your Squarespace account, you'll also receive Sarah's exclusive Squarespace discount on your subscription.

  • Basic SEO optimization, including submitting your site to Google and Bing

  • A 35-point settings and tech review, including domain mapping, adding meta information, regional settings, social sharing images, domain setup, and more

  • Training (via Skype) on how to use your website

  • Professional design oversight and review from an official Squarespace Specialist with 8+ years of Squarespace expertise

2017 Rate: $1,250*
2018 Rate: $1,550


The fine print: Your Design Day is not secured until your deposit is paid and a contract is signed. If your content is not prepared and uploaded to the Project HQ at least one full business day prior to your Design Day, your project position will be rescheduled or canceled (in the case of repeated issues). While Squarespace is extremely reliable, things such as denial of services attacks can impact our ability to access the platform and we will do our best or work around this issue and communicate with you about any problems we encounter. You are responsible for all fees related to your Squarespace account and domain name. Please get in touch if you have any questions about what recurring or one-time fees you may incur. Final payment is due by the end of your Design Day.

*The Design in a Day rate will increase in 2018. Approximate value is $1,850. 


Design-in-A-Day Team


Sarah Moon, Designer/Squarespace Specialist

I provide general oversight and a designer's eye to your Design-in-a-Day process. I'm also your point of contact if you need additional services such as logo design or an email newsletter. I'm also available when you're ready to take your site to the next level with a fully custom design.

Kath O'Malley, Production Wiz 

Kath coordinates your Design Day, lending her eagle eye to your content and laying out all your pages. She'll be the person you talk to most on the day your site is constructed and she'll get you trained on your new Squarespace site in no time. Kath's a real pro--you'll love working with her.