Questionnaire for Inhabit Agent Pages

Basic Information
This will be displayed at the top of your agent page. I will cross-reference this with what is already on the site for quality control purposes. We'll also use your email address if we have any follow up questions or need clarification.
Name *
About You
This is your chance to personalize your agent page, to let your personality and style shine so potential clients can get to know you. While the tone should be professional, it should also be friendly and help people get to know you a bit.
We prefer a first person bio. Let us know what excites you about your job, the clients you most enjoy working with and what unique perspective you bring to your work. Be sure to share a bit about what you do for fun and what you love about Portland. Bios may be edited for clarity, grammar and consistency.
You're welcome to share praise from your clients--we'll format them and help your clients speak for you.
Additional information
Each agent page will have a free space to include additional information. This could be blog posts you've written on the Inhabit website, your instagram feed, a link to your Facebook page, or a fun gallery of snapshots.
Describe the additional content you would like to include. Please include links to any social media accounts you would like displayed on your agent page. If you would like a small gallery of images, please email those images to