1. All work requires a signed agreement--this is non-negotiable and for everyone's benefit. If you would like to see a sample contract, which I think is very fair and friendly to all parties, I'm happy to share it with you. Just send me an email. 

  2. New clients and all flat fee projects require a one-third to one-half deposit, depending on the project's scope. Typical project-based work is billed on a 40%-40%-20% basis. On the rare occasion that I take on work that is based off of another designer's concept, I typically require a 50% deposit. Clients with whom I have an existing relationship are billed monthly on 30th of each month for hourly projects. Very large hourly projects (more than 10 hours) require a deposit from all clients in order to secure my time. I am unable to make exceptions to this policy.

  3. Currently, all work requires a minimum of one hour of billing. Additional time per month is billed in half-hour increments. New clients are subject to a three hour minimum. 

  4. I do not do work on a speculative ("spec") basis, nor do I participate in design contests or other uncompensated competitions. Designs, sitemaps and other work are all part of the process of working together.

  5. I do take on selected clients on a retainer basis with a minimum of two hours billable per month--this list is generally limited, so send me an email if you'd like more information. 

  6. Your position in the work queue is not reserved until I have received your agreement and deposit. Unfortunately, I have to be a stickler about this policy--I cannot hold space on my calendar without a commitment from the client. 

  7. If you would like me to research whether or not your project is feasible on the Squarespace platform, or if another CMS would work more effectively with your needs, I am happy to do this. However, this is billable time--I am unable to do this kind of work on "spec." Expect 2-3 billable hours for this sort of research and recommendation.

  8. If you provide files for me to work with, please take care that they are properly formatted. PhotoShop files in particular can be problematic, so please make sure they are saved with key elements (i.e., logos) saved as Smart Objects. It is also challenging to extract imagery from PDFs or Word documents. Improperly prepared files will result in an additional $50 an hour preparation fee, or return to the client for further formatting. 

  9. The client is responsible for ensuring any images, copy, graphics or other content provided to me are properly licensed for use. Copyright is very important and I will not violate copyright on a client's behalf. I am always happy to build in time for stock image searches and acquisition into your project fee and point you toward low cost resources for licensed images. 

  10. I do not retain any ownership of your project (assuming I have been paid in full) or require link back to my website. However, such links and attribution are much appreciated and I will insert an attribution link as part of my workflow. I do retain the right to display work in my portfolio. 

  11. I transfer ownership of your new Squarespace website once the final bill has been paid, including any expenses (such as the first month of hosting). 

  12. I require that one person be a main point-of-contact with your company. I consider approval/requests from one member of a company a request from all. I am unable to negotiate between members of a company--it makes me feel really awkward!

  13. I am not available on an "on-call" basis, nor is it appropriate to call me at odd hours--I generally work a relatively normal business day of 9:30am - 5:30pm Pacific. However, I am often in meetings or working with my phone silenced to avoid distractions. Let's all be respectful of each other's time and work-life balance. 

  14. I reserve the right to terminate a project immediately if a client is abusive and/or creates a working relationship that is unsafe.

  15. Classes and private teaching/training do not guarantee you will be an expert in the subject matter--I've designed each class/training to accommodate an average to aggressive pace. Everyone learns at their own pace, and you may require more or less study than the "average" student--and that's totally fine! I'm happy to point you to resources for further study or provide one-on-one teaching at a discounted rate for former students. More advanced students are welcome to contact me about resources for deeper study as well. 

  16. If we have technical issues such as a bad Skype connection, I will reschedule a consultation--unfortunately, I do not control the internet. I can make an audio recording of our consulting session as a courtesy, but it is not a guarantee, and just raw, unedited audio. 

  17. Since I'm unable to control the internet, I'm also unable to control what companies such as Squarespace, Instagram, GoDaddy, and Google do in the future--I will make my best attempts, using my best judgement, to help your project be "future friendly."

Have questions about these policies? Just send me an email!