I get a lot of question about why I refer clients and students to the Squarespace platform so frequently.

Do I get some sort of kickback? Am I a Wordpress hater? What's the deal?

Well, I certainly don't get a kickback and I'm totally cool with Wordpress, but I find that many of the folks I work with really struggle with the web, both in terms of time and technical elements. Most people don't have tech support on-hand and just want to be able to update their websites without putting too much work into it.

Your website shouldn't distract you from your core business, right?

After years of working with Wordpress for my own projects and professionally, I never realized the learning curve that comes with working with a website content management system until I started teaching it to others. Squarespace makes it easy to focus on your core business and not spend your time wrestling with your website. 


For me and my clients, one of the biggest advantages of Squarespace is that it's a self-contained, all-in-one solution. The content management system, hosting and in some cases, domain management (your website's address), are all contained in one place, so there's less management. Updates, including browser compatibility, are managed for you, which makes site management a lot simpler.

Squarespace also manages all your images through a Content Delivery Network which ensures that they load quickly and efficiently across devices. E-Commerce is even built right in, if you want to try your hand at selling goods and services online and non-profits can accept and process donations right on their Squarespace sites.

24/7 Tech Support

While I'm happy to help out my clients when they get stuck, I love that Squarespace includes quick-response 24/7 tech support. I use it myself and it's invaluable. With a Wordpress self-hosted setup, you usually have to rely on a Wordpress specialist when you're struggling with using and updating your website. 

Layout Engine

The drop and drop page layout technology allows you to create well-designed, complex page (and blog post) layouts using an intuitive interface. Don't want to learn any coding? You don't have to in order to use Squarespace. (Though learning a bit of coding can be a great addition to your skillset.)

Responsive Design

You've probably heard that the fastest growing segment of website traffic is mobile: iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires, Samsung Notes, all those different screens are accessing the web and we have to accommodate them. The cool thing about responsive design is that the pages will scale and reflow according to your visitors' devices. This is built right into Squarespace, and works quite elegantly. (Resize your browser window on this site and see it in action.)


While I've worked on a number of different e-commerce platforms, once Squarespace launched their commerce functionality, all of my commerce work is within the Squarespace system. It's extremely secure and easy to manage. You can check out a couple of my Squarespace commerce projects at boltfabricboutique.com/shop, vitreluxe.com and crashamerica.com.

I always encourage my prospective clients who are interested in Squarespace to poke around Squarespace.com and even try out a free trial. Some folks are even able to design their own sites and simply rely on me for strategic advice or a site audit and cleanup prior to launch. Get in touch if this is something you're interested in. 

Note: The term "Squarespace" is a trademark of Squarespace, Inc. While I am a Squarespace-approved Specialist, this website is not affiliated with Squarespace, Inc.