Squarespace SEO


Content-FOcused SEO

There are several ways to approach search engine optimization on your Squarespace website--and I utilize a research-based approach to content-focused SEO. 


Keyword Research

I recommend keyword research as the starting point for every SEO project.

Because this is so important, I offer this service at a discounted, flat rate and include a listing of SEO-rich blog post titles/topics to get you started with your content marketing, which I believe is critical to all websites.

Nuts & Bolts/Basic SEO

I follow best practices to prepare your site for submission to Google Search Console, including page naming, implementing search-friend URLs, high quality keyword-rich page descriptions and more.

Web design clients receive this as part of their design package so they can launch with their best foot forward.

Advanced/Ongoing SEO

Clients with whom I have an existing relationship may inquire about an ongoing monthly SEO project, typically lasting at least three months in which I'll dig deeply into your content to improve its friendliness to search engines. This service is part technical assistance, part content strategy and does require a commitment on the part of the client, as it's not an overnight process. 

Squarespace SEO Questions, Answered

Where do I start with Squarespace SEO?

Squarespace has a good guide with the basics of what every site owner should do. This includes submitting your site to Google, properly naming your pages, and other simple techniques to make your site search friendly.

Can you get to me the top position in Google?

Lots of SEO companies guarantee this sort of thing, but it's really a smoke and mirrors game. The reason is that everyone has a different experience with Google--we could both Google the exact same thing and receive very different results in Google. The strategy I prefer is more holistic, and more effective long-term. 

Why do you include suggested blog post titles in your keyword research?

Because blogging still makes a big difference in your search! It's an important piece of the content marketing puzzle and one that many folks disregard. I'm on a mission to encourage my clients to take a serious look at whether blogging is right for their marketing. 

Why is your advanced SEO service based on a monthly agreement?

Because this will give me the chance to really learn your site and understand the content and your audience. Time gives us the opportunity to discuss your site at length and steer it to the right course. I generally require a three to six month commitment for this sort of work, depending on the details of your site. 


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