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Wading into a new website or improvements of an existing site can be a daunting task--I know! Professional design, strategy and advice can make all the difference. I work a bit differently than some web designers who are focused simply on creating a website. Everything I do relates to helping you meet your business goals, so I prioritize understanding where you want to be, your industry or niche, and creating an infrastructure that will serve you long-term. Additionally, I draw on a team of fabulous collaborators who can also work on your project, expanding on my capacity. So, if your vision for your website includes branding, copywriting, strategy, business consulting and more, I'll assemble a solid team to work with you. 

Don't know what you need? That's okay! Get in touch and we'll talk about  your business, goals and the best options for meeting your needs. Another option is to simply schedule a one-hour consultation--you can get some good advice without any commitment beyond the hour. Want to learn more about my approach? Head over here to discover how I work. 


I offer a variety of web design and development services, primarily on the Squarespace platform, but also on Shopify as well (see my e-commerce services for more). Click the topic title to learn more about each option and don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions!


Squarespace/Large Site Re/Design

Ready to launch a new Squarespace website that's uniquely yours but harnesses Squarespace's ease-of-use?

I will handcraft a beautiful Squarespace website that's future-friendly and a pleasure to manage. With this approach, your site's potential is vast, as extensive custom coding can be implemented. This is the closest service to the traditional website design process I offer, and we have the option to work within Squarespace's developer platform, if appropriate.

These clients often take advantage of the opportunity to wrap graphic/logo design, copywriting and other services with my top-notch partners into their projects. Typically, established business and larger organizations use this option, as it's more time consuming and a more substantial investment than the other web design services I offer.

Examples: Huinoeau(; Vitreluxe (

Hybrid Squarespace Site

This is my most popular service for individuals and small businesses, as they're feature-filled business websites you can grow with.

For "hybrid" design projects, we select the perfect template that meets your needs and build a custom website that works within that template's framework, using Squarespace's blocks in "off label" ways. We skip some of the more rigorous planning processes of a full-scale site re/design and we create a single initial design concept and revise from that point. This include all basic search engine optimization.

You can opt to add e-commerce, a logo, copywriting, hand lettering and other services for additional fees.

This is a fabulous value, and depending on the features you want on your new website, as well as your budget, we can create a very distinctive design with a useful integration or two.

These projects are typically on an 8-12 week schedule, usually beginning the first week of the month, which we will create together once you have approved your project proposal.

Examples: Canby Rental & Equipment (; The Pie Spot (; Greensavers USA (; Ross Law PDX (

Portfolio-Style Websites

I offer two options for artists, authors, musicians, designers and illustrators looking for a special website on which to showcase their work.

Basic Portfolio - Appropriate for artists, writers and designers who need a simple, but well designed website showcasing their work.

This includes the following: Five pages; sitemap development; “Lightweight Branding,” as needed (colors, typography, creative direction); minimal custom coding; no add-ons, ecommerce or third-party services (these can be added a la carte but will extend the timeline).

We adhere to a firm six week schedule (typically beginning the first week of the month) with this process and all materials must be provided by your start date, unless we have agreed on an alternative process.

Examples: Made by Mike King (; Michelle Nijhuis (; Snoodfire Industries (

Portfolio Plus - Appropriate for artists, writers and designers who need a stylish website that’s relatively small, but well designed and includes a special feature or two.

This includes the following: Seven pages, plus blog setup and/or migration (complete, if possible--if manual migration is required, we will migrate 10 posts); sitemap development; “Lightweight Branding,” as needed (colors, typography, creative direction); some custom coding, but not extensive (up to 100 lines); No add-ons, ecommerce or third-party services (these can be added a la carte but will extend the timeline).

We adhere to a firm six to eight week schedule (typically beginning the first week of the month) with this process and all materials must be provided by your start date, unless we have agreed on an alternative process.

Examples: Mindi Scott (; Bone Sculpture by Jerry Hardin (

Blog Design & Strategy

Don't listen to the naysayers--blogs are still a great tool for creating a space on the web that lets your voice shine!

We'll design a beautiful blog that reflects your unique point of view, has a smart organizational structure that will grow with you.

Also available: Help creating a manageable editorial calendar outline and post guidelines that you can use to build your blog's content as well as keyword research that encompasses topic/title prompts and blog branding.

Examples: Wander Nature (; Basic Mommy (; Andante Piano Works (

Learn + Build: Squarespace

Want to build your site yourself?

After teaching web and Squarespace design for many years, I developed a one-on-one training program in which I guide you through the process of building your site yourself. This is broken down into three major phases: Build, Design & Launch.

This is a great choice for individuals on a tight budget. A popular add-on is Squarespace Fine-Tuning, as well as basic SEO implementation and keyword research, so you can get a bit of extra polish on your site before going live.

Examples: Beth Clark Interior Design (; Pacterra Athletics (; Vet Lectures (;

Website Review & Audit

Get a second set of eyes on your website!

For clients with an already-live site, or a site that you're about ready to take live, I can review or deeply audit your website and provide you with an thorough analysis of your site's functionality, user-friendliness and design. In addition to the written narrative, I will meet with you (in-person or via phone/Skype) and walk you through the site and help prioritize site improvements and recommendations.

You can now purchase a website review for a small site online. Click here to get started!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to approach your SEO with a content-first eye? Then let's talk.

Unlike SEO-focused companies, which often create short-lived results, I take a content-first approach to SEO. We conduct keyword research, implement site best practices and provide you advice--and if you choose--implementation of content modifications that will improve your findability online. I typically recommend starting with keyword research (which includes a complementary list of suggested keyword-rich blog post topics), and working from that point forward.

Some clients may be interested in ongoing SEO services, which serve to build and revise your site's content in an SEO-rich manner. This type of arrangement is available to clients who commit to 4 -6 month process and I currently only have limited additional openings for this sort of work.

Advanced Squarespace Support

While the basics of Squarespace work beautifully for most, sometimes you need to get more out of the system.

Options such as multilingual integration, complex shop structures, sophisticated layouts, third-party integrations and hand-coding of specific site elements or pages are popular requests made by my advanced Squarespace support clients. Search engine optimization and domain mapping are services clients in need of advanced Squarespace support often utilize as well.

The earlier you can plan for this sort of help, the more smoothly the process goes--it will save you time and money. Note: I am currently only accepting a limited number of new clients for this sort of help.


Looking for more?

Because I partner with A+ creative folks to ensure I have the capacity to serve my clients' creative needs, you don't need to worry about finding someone to manage your social media, conduct keyword research, write your staff bios or provide advice on your content marketing. I'm happy to connect you directly, or--as many of my clients choose--coordinate the entire process for you, in one seamless process in which your primary point of contact is me. 

The site that Sarah built for us is absolutely perfect. In an industry that is historically technologically-challenged, the look, feel and outright functionality of the website gives us a true competitive advantage. Not only is it gorgeous and brilliantly arranged, but it’s intuitive and extremely easy to manipulate for the site owner after Sarah finishes. She was amazing through the whole process, displaying an unbelievable knowledge of all things site-related.

She is also a gifted troubleshooter and an encyclopedia of references for this realm I would term “technology marketing.” Trust me, if you’re mystified by websites, SEO, social media or any other form of business tech: Use her services. You will be absolutely GIDDY that you did. She even recommended that photographer for our website galleries, and her work was equally awesome. Sarah Moon + Co has MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!
— Matt Zacher, Owner | Canby Rental & Equipment