Hey y'all!

The Short Story

I'm a digital communications professional specializing in working with creative individuals and businesses on establishing and improving their online presence and digital marketing strategies. I also write about technology, digital media and creative business and lead classes and workshops on ecommerce, digital and social media, blogging and website design. Finally, I'm an official Squarespace Specialist, a directory of highly-skilled experts maintained by the fantastic Squarespace web publishing platform.

I'm a proud graduate of American University in Washington, DC and University College Dublin in Ireland.

The Long(ish) Story

My passion is storytelling, first and foremost—whether that’s through long-format writing, social media, with a website/blog or a big-picture communication strategy.

I’ve sat on both sides of the media aisle, first serving as a public information officer and now specializing in digital media creation (though I love traditional media too--and have been published in good old fashioned magazines). Along the way, I learned HTML and CSS, became passionate about the efficiency of content management systems for the web and discovered the power of directly telling folks a story through interactive and social media.

Because I’ve had dipped my toes into such diverse waters of the communications world, my approach is uniquely holistic regardless of the project. 

In 2009, I began teaching digital communication classes through the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s excellent Continuing Education program. Working with students—particularly adult students seeking to improve their skills or enrich their lives—has been the most rewarding work of my career.

I’m also dog wrangler to two wild Australian Shepherds, an avid reader and book bloggerpodcaster, DIY fiend, sports nut (I was lucky enough to be at Felix Hernandez' perfect game in Seattle), enthusiastic ukulele player, cowboy boot aficionado and superfan of the greatest television show ever, Friday Night Lights.


Working Together

My Philosophy

My goal is to make communications--especially on the web--a tool that works for you, not the other way around. And I aim to do so in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner that meets your needs, both strategically and financially. 

Most of my clients are folks I've worked with for a long time and I'm extremely proud of that fact. I like to think that's because I do my best to learn about my clients both as people and businesses, because communications isn't a cookie cutter, one size fits all endeavor. 

If something is confusing, overwhelming or just plan doesn't make sense, I encourage my clients to ask questions and open a dialogue. 

Finally, it's important that my clients be a good fit--there are many different styles and approaches and mine won't be right for everyone. I always chat with prospective clients to make sure we'll work well together and am happy to refer you to someone whose skills or approach may better suit your needs. 

Read on to learn more about what I do. Or, skip ahead and check out some of my projects and clients or fill out the interest form to get started.


The number one reason people seek out my help is that they simply need some honest, understandable advice about their communications strategies. Messaging, social media, digital marketing, newsletter strategies, starting/revamping a blog or even steps to implement an online store are all areas I help with. I also specialize in helping clients integrate digital communications in physical spaces. 

Some folks simply want a few hours of advice (which you can now do online via Skype, too) while others prefer to have me put together a full-blown plan. We'll work together to come up with an approach that's best for you! 

Many of my clients draw upon my years of experience in the classroom and hire me to train them and/or their staff on topics such as social media, blog management or website maintenance. 

Regardless, you’ll enjoy my approachable, low-stress and fun approach to training and consulting—I promise. 


Need a thoughtful profile of an artist, expert or entrepreneur? Maybe a well-researched marketing or technology story? Or maybe some fresh copy for your website? Then let’s talk. 

I’m an experienced writer with expertise in the following: arts/crafts/hobbies, recreation/parks, education and digital media marketing. Previously, I wrote an ongoing internet marketing column for a trade magazine, which fueled my passion for DIY marketing. Some of my favorite work are profiles of creative entrepreneurs, and I also have maintained the content of several industry blogs.

Additionally, because of my background in public affairs, I am experienced in navigating the unique intricacies of working with government and quasi-government institutions. 

Web & Technical Help

I not only teach the basics of website creation and creative web portfolios, I can also work with you to create an user-friendly, self-managed web presence. I advocate for everyone to use a content management system (CMS) so it’s easier to update and maintain your own site in a timely manner without incurring unnecessary additional expenses.

I am a huge advocate for the 100 percent awesome Squarespace platform, which this very website is built on--click here to learn more about why I recommend it to so many of my clients. Head over here to learn more about why I recommend this full-service platform to so many folks.

The following are the basic web services I offer:

  • CMS Training (Wordpress & Squarespace)
  • Creative Web Portfolios
  • Blog Creation & Planning
  • Website Audits
  • Website Strategy
  • Ecommerce Advice
  • Email Newsletter Design/Campaigns

Please note: Due to scheduling constraints, I rarely create Wordpress websites. I am available to advise on your Wordpress project and to current clients in need of updates. If you would like a consultation regarding what CMS is the best choice for you, or to schedule a training on your Wordpress or Squarespace website, please reach out via email to learn more.  

Learn with Me!


Looking to boost your skills? I teach a variety of courses at venues including colleges, trade shows and within private organizations on the subjects of digital communications, website design and marketing/communications. If you, your group or your company would like to talk about a customized training program, get in touch and we'll talk about how we can work together. 

Additionally, I am able to partner with other professional educators in designing custom training programs in other subjects. These programs are developed with consultation from my husband, Joshua Moon, a continuing and community education professional who's designed many innovative, unique programs for adult learners.


Let's Talk

Have some questions? Drop me a line and we'll chat--use the form below or email me directly at 

If you're looking to get started with a new project, you're welcome to jumpstart the process by filling out my client interest form over here. 

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